What Is It?

It came to our attention that there were a lot of treatments on the market for all the hoof fungal/bacteria etc problems, but nothing that really worked. So I looked out side the square from all the usual natural oils and treatments that people were using. I was after something that really packed a punch but was still gentle. We also wanted something that stayed put when you applied it.
And stay it does!

The oils and herbs used in this product have amazing anti bacterlial, anti fungle,anti viral properties, as well as having natural analgesic properties. This is important, as it helps the horse feel more confortable on it feet. As such, they are happeir to weight bare which we know is important for keeping the blood flow happening to allow for better healing.

Remember, the hoof does absorb these oils. If you put a horse in a stable with walnut shavings the horse will founder within hours of standing in those shavings – from the hooves taking up the oils in those shavings. This astounded me when I first heard about it. But it should make us more aware of what we are treating our beautiful animals with. Please remember, essential oils and herbs are very powerful medicines and should be used as such, with great care and respect. So this was foremost in my mind when I was trying to work out what may work, keeping it a safe product to use. And when you use this on your horse, I can assure you you will still smell it the next day when they come up for a feed. We have found this to be the case even after they have been walking over the wet dewy ground.

I have had some of the trimmers say they like to pack the hooves with product when they have had to cut away at the hoof, and nothing seems to stay put. This is about the hoof rejuve covering the surface area to do the job and not having to “pack ” it in. 

I have also made a neat oil concentrate you can use with the cream to drop down into the cracks and holes you can’t get the cream down into. You can then finish off with a covering on the surface with the cream. This also allows for better analgesier affect. Great to use at the time of having professional hoof care done, or when doing your own trimmings.

Please remember also, the weather and environment only play a part to a certain point in these hoof problems. If the horse is not healthy on the inside then it won’t cope with the environment it is in either.

My product may not be the cheapest on the market, but I have not skimped on the quality of the products I have used – and I keep hearing how well it works!

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