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Mycoglannan : Toxin Binder

Why do we need Toxin Binders – 

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds and fungi, they can be found in fresh green pastures, hay and any commercial feeds that may not have been well stored. There is the potential for any feed to be contaminated and may contain several strains. This could increase the overall toxicity for your horse.

 Our Mycoglannan toxin binder attaches to the toxins in the horses gut before they have the chance to be absorbed, then they are passed out in their manure before they have a chance to create health problems for your horse. 

  • Itch (Qld itch) 

  •  greasy heel

  • “sun burn”  

  • head throwing

  • scabs                          

  • colic

  • string halt/ staggers    

  • stable cough/ persistent. 

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Magnesium Flakes

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 47% MgCl2) Salt flakes.

Does this sound like your Horse?

​Some common signs of magnesium deficiency: 

  • Nervous,anxious temperament 

  • sudden shying at familiar objects

  • Violent pulling back when tied 

  • Dislike of grooming 

  • Aggression towards owner or herd mates

  • restless under saddle

  • Poor hoof quality, footsore without shoes or boots on  hard or rough ground

  • laminitis

  • insulin resistance with heavy chest

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Our Chromium Yeast

Because it is involved with the metabolism of glucose, chromium is needed for energy. It is also vital for the synthisis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins. This essential mineral maintains stable blood sugar levels proper insulin utilization, and can be helpful for people with diabetes, and those with hypoglycemia.

It is also call Glucose Tolerance Factor or GTF.

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Vitamin C

Sodium Ascorbate

Pharmaceutical Grade, No additives or preservatives.



Mastiha Powder & Granules

Mastiha (mastic) has many useful qualities and uses.

  • It absorbs cholesterol,it has antibacterial properties,

  • acts as an oral antiseptic,

  • aids digestion, tightens the gums,

  • heals wounds and

  • scientists recently discovered that when it is administrated even in small doses it cures stomach ulcers. 

*Caution – oil from the wrong genes is toxic*


Mega SporeBiotic

This product is a practitioner only item , meaning that it needs to be prescribed by our naturopath, Sharon. Please call her to make appointment.

– The best probiotic I have found to reseed and reset the microbes in the digestive system – for both humans and our lovely horses. (These are a practitioner only product, available from Sharon at The Healthy Nest).

Probiotics are bacterial or yeast microbes, found in many fermented foods or as a supplement that we can ingest to reseed/increase the healthy organisms in our bodies to keep a happy healthy environment for digestion and good nutrition to occur. They help to regulate our digestive systems, our immune function and are the first line of defense against pathogens. The different microbes differ in physiological structure, and some are antibiotic – resistant and many are not.

There is an estimate of between 10 trillion to 37.2 trillion cells in our human bodies, with our own eco system being estimated to have over 100 trillion microbes.  As we break this down we start to see our bodies in a very different light – there is more to us then we first thought.

Thanks to projects like the Human Microbiome Project and the Human Food Project it has been revealed that the number of microbes in our systems can be in the many thousands, some good and some bad. And we have come to understand the good are our greatest allies when it comes to good healthy, well functioning bodies, as an unhealthy digestive system opens us up to over-growth of bad yeasts and bacteria. Under-functioning digestion means lack of essential nutrients, compromised immune function, higher risks of infection, allergies, inflammation, leading to a whole break down of the eco system and a myriad of health problems. It has been shown Americans actually have the LEAST diversity of species due to the Western diet, lifestyle, medicine and stress. Australians are fast catching up.

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It came to our attention that there were a lot of treatments on the market for all the hoof fungal/bacteria etc problems, but nothing that really worked. So I looked out side the square from all the usual natural oils and treatments that people were using. I was after something that really packed a punch but was still gentle. We also wanted something that stayed put when you applied it.
And stay it does!

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I have also made a neat oil concentrate you can use with the cream to drop down into the cracks and holes you can’t get the cream down into. You can then finish off with a covering on the surface with the cream. This also allows for better analgesier affect. Great to use at the time of having professional hoof care done, or when doing your own trimmings

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